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Most recently I worked in a few advertising and marketing agencies in various digital creative and leadership roles. I had different tasks on a number of incredible projects, with digital transformation being a key topic in all of them. Contributing in a consultative capacity was essential, as understanding of the underlying business requirements was fundamental, alongside the creative solutions.

I helped these agencies fine-tune their products and services for their clients. I helped them improve digital teams and departments - or create brand new ones. And I improved how the agencies and clients worked internally by making the best use of the tools and processes available.

Fundamentally, I've tried being a bridge. To be the translator between worlds - business to creative; creative to tech; tech to non-tech.

I got conversations started - ensuring everyone involved in digital projects was on the same page from the very beginning - where we were, what was possible and what was required to get there

My role was often to set a digital strategy for the agency or the project at hand: define the priorities, highlight opportunities, identifiy dangers, expand services and plot a course for success.

I then followed through: implemented the suitable tools and systems, familiarised everyone involved, sand then lead by example. My consistent aim was for agencies to make better work, to make work better for the team and to deliver better results for the clients.

Ben is a talented individual, who is genuinely passionate about digital strategy, creative and execution. He brings a wealth of knowledge and industry experience to the creative team.

Michael Christodoulou, Creative Director at Momentum ABM

Ben is a joy to work with. Meticulous, prepared, patient and attentive, he relishes being given any kind of problem to solve and will explore it from all angles with an intensity of focus that is something to behold.

Matthew Sinclair, Executive Creative Director at SMRS

Within the digital teams I've been a mentor as well as a manager, nurturing team members to support their personal growth and help them overcome their challenges

Within wider teams I championed a digital mindset, shared know-how and implemented agile ways of working and up-to-date ways of communicating

Within the wider agencies I quickly became the go-to person for all things pixels, and been the reliable digital partner to the clients